Researchers Uncover the Benefits of Deliberative Democracy

In a time when the future of democracy is constantly under discussion, a recently published study offers thought-provoking insights. Researchers Brigitte Geissel, Ank Michels, Nanuli Silagadze, Jonas Schauman, and Kimmo Grönlund have delved deep into the subject of participatory democracy, presenting their findings in a comprehensive study. Their research, published by the well-respected publisher Routledge, gives us a better understanding of how different forms of democracy can impact a country's performance.

The study shows that countries with strong deliberative democracies, as well as countries that combine strong deliberative and direct democratic elements, perform better in terms of social, system, and democratic performance. In other words, countries where citizens are more directly involved in political discussions and decisions tend to have stronger societies, more efficient systems, and more robust democracies.

To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers analyzed data from 36 countries, primarily OECD countries, over the period from 1995 to 2019. They chose this time period because most deliberative and direct democratic features developed during this period.

The researchers note that their study does not necessarily indicate a one-way effect but rather an interaction. For example, the level of deliberation can affect the level of corruption, but it could just as well be the other way around. In other words, it's a complex relationship where improvements in one area can have positive effects on others.

This study provides valuable insight into how different forms of democracy can impact a country's performance in various areas. The researchers hope that their work will contribute to the ongoing debate about democratic innovations and the future of democracy. Given their findings, it's clear that if we want democracies with strong social, system, and democratic performance, we should focus on strengthening both public deliberation and direct democracy. These findings offer hope and inspiration for all who believe in the power of deliberative democracy.

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May 26, 2023
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